Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

We’re on Day 5 where I’m giving you my 10 Step Perfect Sales Strategy.

Tip #5 is this: Prepare for Objections

I promise you, I promise you, I promise you that you will absolutely get objections, no matter what sales job or what kind of marketing you are doing!

People are always going to have some objection! It could be money. It could be a time-involvement objection. The list goes on…

Here’s what you need to do as a sales professional: If you’re selling cars, you need to learn what the Top 10 Objections are that come from potential car buyers. If you sell insurance, you need to know what those Top 10 Concerns and Objections are that come from clients that are looking to switch insurance companies (or possibly buy insurance for the first time).

And if you’re in the home based business industry, you absolutely had better learn that Top 10 Objections that you’ll be dealing with.

And how do you learn them? Well, you can read blog articles or other information online; but you can also just from your own experience glean right away what those objections are that people are going to have to the home based business industry. And then prepare yourself to handle those objections with ease, and also to do it with some really great personal development in place.

Sometimes I’ve witnessed people handle objections and they’ve acted a little like an idiot back to the potential customer or client. (ouch) You don’t want to do that! You want to handle them with care.

But be sure that you’re ready to handle those objections! That’s going to help you make more sales.

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