Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys my 10 Step Perfect Sales Strategy, and today we’re on Tip #6.

Tip #6 says this: Tellin’ Ain’t Sellin’ – Askin’ is!

I have witnessed many times…when “the presentation” is done, and the presenter or another sales agent that happens to be in the room continues to run their mouth, and continues to try to “sell” the potential client or customer on the idea of the product or service that’s just been explained to them.

The best thing to do when the sales presentation is over is this: sit down with the prospect, and ask them 2 or 3 closing questions.

Such as: “What did you like best about what you saw?”; or “Tell me more about that?”, which gets them to extend their thought. You could say, “Which insurance policy did you see yourself getting started with today?” or “Which car did you see yourself driving off the lot in?” of “Did you see yourself getting started at the top package where you can make the most money for your effort, or at the bottom package where you;re going to go really slow in your home based business?”

These are the kinds of closing questions that you can ask in order to get them talking. And then…you’ve got to ask for that sale!

If you’re the one who’s doing all the talking, you’re going to push that prospect away. So…Tellin’ Ain’t Sellin’ – Askin’ is!

At the end of those closing questions you simply say: “Are you ready to get started?” or “Are you ready to close the deal?”

And then you push the application across the desk with a pen. And then you sit there and you close your mouth.

And here’s the big punch line: Whoever talks next loses.

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