Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

We’re on Tip #7, where I’m giving you my 10 Step Perfect Sales Strategy.

And Tip #7 is this: Master the Negotiation.

Now, when the presentation is done and you’re sitting there across from the prospect, often times before the close there is going to be a negotiation process.

And we talked in the last video about asking certain types of closing questions.

Now, some of you may not think that there’s really a negotiation going on in your particular field of sales, because there’s not a price point that can be negotiated.

Say for instance, in the car business: in the car business, everyone knows that they can go in to the dealership and negotiate a little bit back n forth. And as a car sales person, you would need to know what your bottom line is.

But even if you’re in the type of sales where there’s a fixed price point but there are multiple options for purchase (i.e.: different packages, varying deductibles for insurance, different home based business packages, you get the idea), then there’s going to be some negotiating that’s going to go on, and you need to learn to master that negotiation process.

Know what you’re bottom line is, especially in something like the car business where the price is negotiable. If they try to get you below that bottom line, start to think of some other creative things that you could throw into the mix that would let you add value to that client without going below that bottom line.

And then remember…like I ended yesterday’s episode…tellin’ ain’t selling, asking’ is. And when you get to the end of the negotiation, you ask for the sale and you close your mouth. And whoever speaks next loses.

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