Welcome back to  90 with Nate!

We’re in the middle of our 10 Step Perfect Sales Strategy.

And Tip #8 is this: The Fortune is in the Follow Up

I did a little research and I was surprised to discover that 80% of all sales are made in the Follow Up!

That means that only 20% of sales are going to be made at the first presentation.

The first time they come to look at a car..the first time they sit down to look at an insurance policy…the first time they come to your slip to see if they want to buy a yacht…the first time they take a look at your home based business…the first time you come out to give them a quote on a new roof for their house… whatever kind of sales that you’re in, 80% of the sales are made later. Not right now when you give them the opportunity to buy for the very first time.

Years ago when I was just getting started in sales, there was a gentleman…and he was an analytical personality…total opposite of me. I remember I went to his house one day for some sales training in his office, and he had a little box of 3×5 index cards. All of his potential customers who had seen a presentation but had said “no” or “not yet” were represented in that file box.

Every single week he would call all the way through those numbers, following up with those people, to see if maybe the timing was right now since the timing had not been right the first time that he shared his opportunity with them. (Big lesson for me as a young man in direct sales!)

So: in any kind of sales, no matter what it is, you’ve got to be relentless in your follow up!

And here’s the final tip today: be sure that you always keep your word. When you’re following up, if you tell someone that you’re going to call them at 10am, that phone needs to ring at 10am sharp.

The Fortune is in the Follow up!

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