Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

We’re on Day 9 of the 10 Step Perfect Sales Strategy.

Tip #9 is this: Prepare for “No”.

Now, we’ve heard it said: “Go for no!” But I want to teach you to prepare for “no”. Because it’s absolutely guaranteed that if you are in sales of any kind, you are going to get some “no’s”, my friends!

And I’ve seen so many people get crushed and heart broken when people tell them “no” to the sale, and you simply don’t need to have that reaction. There’s simply no time or place for that in your business, because “no” is just a part of the game.

Every single car salesman, every single insurance salesman, every single real estate agent, every single network marketer… not matter what you’re selling, you’re going to have somebody tell you “no”.

In fact, there’s a book called “Go for ‘No'”, and inside that book is an interesting story: There was an insurance company that decided to try something just completely out of the ordinary that went against all the sales rules. They told their insurance sales team, “Here’s what we’re going to do: we’re literally going to go door to door, and we’re just going to knock on doors old school style, and we’re going to ask the question, ‘You don’t want to buy any insurance, do you?'”

Now, that goes against all the sales techniques that we teach people in sales training. But here’s what’s very interesting: the actually increased sales by 30% because they simply went through the numbers faster.

You’re going to get “no’s” anyway. You might as well go through them fast! It’s all about the numbers game.

So: Prepare for “No”, and move on to that next “Yes!”

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