Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’ve been giving you guys 10 Tips on the Things the Most Successful People Won’t Do Twice.

We’re on Tip #10, and it’s this: The Most Successful People Are Not Going to Fail to Realize that it’s the Inner Self that is Dictating the Outward Success, or Lack thereof, that They are Experiencing.

You see, it’s all about what’s happening on the inside of you. It’s all about the thinking patterns and the emotional maturity that makes us who we are and that’s going to determine how far we go in our station in life.

Many years ago I read for the first time, and I’ve read it many times since, Stephen Covey’s Book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. And he pointed out something that has stuck with me all this time…

When you follow personal development as an institution of its own, for many years personal development was centered around the becoming of the self. Changing ourselves as people, and making sure that we are rising to a higher level in our character traits. Things like honesty, and integrity, and walking with discernment.

Now, over the last 50-75 years, personal development has taken on the tone of “what do I have to do in order to get more money?”. This new idea seems to now dominate the space.

But the most successful people still hold on to those old school tried and tested principles…that old school way of thinking that believes “it’s who I’m becoming on the inside that is the compass that will be able to direct me toward the success that I will be able to have on the outside.”

That’s something that the most successful people understand and realize. I hope that you’ll never fail to realize that. I hope that you won’t forget that if you want to do great things practically in the real world, it’s going to be congruent to the person that you’re becoming on the inside.

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