Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 10 Tips that the Most Successful People Won’t Do Twice.

Here’s Tip #5: The Most Successful People are Not Going to Choose Short Term Gratification Over a Long Term Victory.

Now, don’t mistake me for saying that there’s anything wrong with setting little goals and achieving those goals, and having a sense of gratification…if they are in line with your long term victory play.

But here’s what I am saying: I know a lot of people who come to me saying, “Nate, I want to be successful and I want to make a lot of money”…and yet they continue to blow the money that could get them out of debt, on going out to eat expensive dinners. Or the money that they could use to start a new home based business, they’ll spend on cigarettes or tobacco or alcohol or tattoos…you get the picture.

Or how ’bout those people who say, “Nate, I really want to get debt free”…but they’re not willing to downsize their standard of living…live in a smaller home or drive less expensive cars for a season of time…so that they can achieve that goal.

Or how ’bout this one: the people who say, “Nate, I wish that I could lose almost 90 lbs like you did!” …but they’re not willing to give up the sweets and the starches.

If you’re going to keep your eyes on that long term victory and one day have that success that you say that you want, then you can’t let the short term gratification get in the way!

That’s something that the most successful people are not going to do twice, once they’ve learned the lesson…They’re not going to let short term gratification get in the way of the bigger picture victory!

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