Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 10 Tips on How to Make More Money.

Today is Tip #3, and absolutely something every one of you could do on the side. And that is: Start a Blog.

When tell people they can start a blog to make money, they always look at me a little weird like, “How am I going to make money with a blog?”

Well, I’ll tell ya what: Pat Flynn is a guy that has blogged his way to millions. My personal coach and mentor right now, Mr Ray Higdon, he has blogged his way to millions.

Not to many years ago there was actually a medical doctor who started a blog that he called Mac Rumors. He simply established a platform where people could come to talk about anything that had to do with Apple/Mac products. And you know what? It wasn’t too long before he was getting so many hits and driving so much traffic to his website, he was able to sell enough advertising on his site to generate him $4,000,000 a year ( I don’t know where it stands currently).

And so yes…you can blog your way to some extra money! I’m not saying it would be millions of dollars (although maybe through time you’d become one of the fortunate ones to get that far); I’m just talking about making some extra money.

So find something that you’re passionate about…something that you really love…whether it’s gardening, or being a triathlete, or music, or anything that you love… If you love it, there’s a chance that someone else enjoys it as well. So, become an authority on that subject, begin to share your knowledge, and other people out there who love the things that you love are going to find you.

And once you have enough following you can sell products on your blog that have to do with your subject, or maybe even sell some advertising space.

A lot of people are doing it. It might just work for you as well.

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