Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m talking to you guys about 10 Tips to Make More Money.

And one of the ways that I’ve been able to make an additional income in addition to all the other things I do is this: I started a coaching business.

A few years back when I first heard about the idea of coaching other people, I thought, “Well no one thinks about me as Coach Nate. What value do I have to bring to the table?”

By listening to some great mentors like John Maxwell, Ray Higdon… I’ve learned that when you’ve learned or mastered anything to any level, there are always going to be other people who have not yet come to that level of mastery. And if they want to learn the things that you know they will be willing to pay for that coaching.

So… you could do career coaching. You could do mindset coaching. You could coach someone on a musical instrument, where you are almost functioning like a teacher. There are a lot of different ways that you could coach people on the side. How about this one: I see a lot of nutritional coaches on the internet.

Now, here’s one of the main objections I get from people when I tell them that they could be a coach: They say… “Nate, there are already so many people that are coaching in that space.”

I’ll take nutritional coaching as an example: I still meet people in my circle of influence every single day who really don’t know much about nutrition at all. And if they had a coach, it could make a radical impact in their lives. They’re just looking for someone to come and teach them what it is that they don’t know.

It could be YOU! And that could translate into some extra income into your bottom line.

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