Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 10 ideas…10 Tips on How You Can Make Some Extra Money on the side.

Today’s Tip #6 is this: Consider Teaching Online Courses

It’s a really popular thing to do right now. I know that my son Nathan has become quite a musician in part by learning to play songs online.

So think about your skill set and what it is that you have to offer, and consider maybe putting together a step by step course that can teach other people how to do what you know.

Then you can go to a website like Udemy.com for example, and you can post that course where people can come and purchase it.

Or you can set up your own hub on your very own website where people can come and purchase your course.

People ask sometimes, “What skill do I have that anyone else would want to learn how to do?”

What about simple automotive techniques like How to Change Your Oil? That’s something I don’t know how to do! I know a lot of guys do- I don’t know how. Maybe you could teach people online how to change their oil.

I know my daughter Abbey has learned things like quilting and sewing by watching trainings online. There’s another great skill…passing down the skill of quilting to the next generation, and teaching people how to do that.

It’s really limitless as to the skills that you can pass on to the next generation or to the next person that is looking to master something on the side. They want to know what it is that you know how to do, and you don’t even know it. But if you have a course for sale on the internet, and someone comes along that wants to know how to do what you know how to do, then you’ve just made a sale and you’ve just put a little extra money in your pocket.

So maybe consider teaching some online courses.

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