Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys some Tips on How to Make Extra Money on the Side.

And Today’s Tip #7 is this: Start a Podcast.

Now Podcasts are pretty cool because you can simply plug up a USB microphone right into your laptop…there’s free software available to record it for you…and you can talk about whatever it is that you love to talk about.

The key is: How do you monetize that podcast? Well, there’s a couple of ways that come to mind for me.

  1. As you get more and more people listening to your podcast and you grown your audience, you can sell advertising to other people who have products and services in that space. So if you wanted to start a podcast on auto repairs, you could have an automotive company that sells car parts that would advertise with you. If you wanted to start a blog on ultra running… I’m an ultra runner, I listen to some ultra running podcast… you might have companies with products like hydration packs or different supplements that runners use, to come on your podcast and advertise.
  2. Another way you could monetize that podcast is this: as you get more and more comfortable behind that microphone, you’re going to get really good at providing content. Then you can create products on the side: coaching products or online courses that then you can market to your listening audience right on your very own podcast.

John Lee Dumas is a great example. He puts out a podcast every single day of the week! He’s been doing that for over 3 1/2 years, and that guy has grown a multi-million dollar empire just through podcasting.

So, does it work? It worked for John Lee Dumas, it’s working for a lot of other people, maybe podcasting could work for you too.

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