Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 10 Tips on How to Make some Extra Money.

And here is Today’s Tip #9: Make Something

Now maybe that’s never crossed your mind, but I have personally witnessed a lot of people making a lot of money making things right in their own home.

It could be something as simple as sitting down at your kitchen table ladies, and crafting jewelry. Especially if you have a young daughter or a friend that would enjoy doing arts and crafts with you. You could make it a social event as well and have a lot of fun together, and then well the stuff that you made.

Gentlemen: maybe if you’re into wood working…for an idea. I know that my mom and dad collect bird houses…they have several of them. That’s an item that a lot of people love to buy. You could make bird houses, maybe really ornate ones, and sell them. And they go for a premium!

Those are just a couple of ideas. And as far as selling the things that you make: you can go to arts and crafts shows; I think just about every town in America has like a “Weekend in the Village”, or some sort of “Spring Fling”, or their “Fall Festival”, where you could go and sell things.

Or you could even have Open House home parties. I see that happen quite a bit.

You could start a website and sell the things you make online. Facebook offers a Facebook store; Shopify is a pretty cheap online store where you could sell that things that you make.

So, maybe try your hand at a new trade or a new skill. Or maybe rebirth an old skill that you had but haven’t been capitalizing on, and consider making some things right in your very own home. It’s a comfortable environment, you’ll have some fun, and you’ll be able to make some extra money on the side.

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