Are you currently doing any type of sales?

Whether you are in the field or on a showroom floor or even in direct sales, I have found that the most important sales skills are universal.

This past week I was privileged to attend the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida. Most of the builders there were in the residential space, although some were commercial builders.

My good friend Chris Maxwell has been a software developer for 38 years (he’s made MILLIONS from the basement of his home), and he asked me to come to the show to be the front man for his software sales booth. (He said I was the best sales guy he knows…which is debatable, but I appreciated his sentiments.)

At first, I had little to no interest. I’m not into traditional sales per se, and I know absolutely NOTHING about Home Building, Software, or Show sales.

But after some thought I decided to help him out, AND to treat the opportunity as a test market in sales.

Now, most of what I learned I’ll be teaching to my private mentorship group, but I wanted to share a couple of things with you guys that I thought might be helpful.

Now, mind you…I went onto the show floor with ZERO training on the product, ZERO training on the industry, and ZERO experience in the environment! YIKES!

Most people would’ve been shaking in the knees and stammering for words.

CONFESSION: That pretty much described me….at first. But then…I remember my training!

So many times through the years I have said to my clients over and over again, “When you get nervous, rely on your training!”

How was I able to find success given the situation?

Here are 2 Tips I’m going to share with you.

TIP ONE: Every time a home builder would approach the booth, I would ask, “Are you looking for software?” Immediately they would stare into the booth, nervously avoiding eye contact, and ask me: “Well, what do you guys have here?” …or something like that.

The first words out of my mouth, each and every time, …my magical words… were these: “What do you do?”


When a prospect asks you questions, they expect you to talk. They expect you to defend your product. They expect you to SELL!

DON’T DO IT! Do…Not…Sell!

When I turned the tables on them, and asked them a question in response, you should’ve seen the shift in their countenance and posture.

People LOVE to talk about themselves and what they do! No longer was I dealing with a nervous prospect awaiting a sales pitch. Now I had a perked up, talkative prospect on my hands, telling me everything I would need to know to close them later.

When a prospect asks you a question, the first thing you should do is ask them a qualifying question back. Why? Because it gets THEM talking instead of YOU talking!

When you are talking, you are in sales mode. And people HATE to be sold! But when you ask questions, you get THEM talking. And that accomplishes two things. 1) When they talk, they reiterate their need to themselves; and 2) When they talk, they give you all the info they need to close them on the sale later. GENIUS!

So: always ask thoughtful questions, and then LISTEN! Don’t be that guy or gal that asks a questions, but is really just waiting for a chance to pounce. LISTEN!

TIP TWO: Now here’s the second thing that I would do. After asking them a question or two, and picking up on their hot buttons, I would then take the prospect into the booth and introduce them to the Expert (my friend Chris).

But I wouldn’t just “introduce” them…I did something far more powerful and far more strategic. Let me break it down for you.

For years I have been teaching my students and clients all about the word Edification. To Edify something or someone means to build up the value of or highlight the significance of a person, place, thing or idea.

First, I would take the prospect into the booth, and I would COMPLETELY and EXHAUSTIVELY Edify my buddy Chris. I would share all about his 38 years of software coding experience. I would tell them about how he was only one of a handful of software providers to the industry that even made it through the downturn. And then…I would edify a couple of personal points about Chris: the fact that he is a great guy, trustworthy, and that I had known him for about 10 years know on a personal level.

This creates belief, confidence, and trust in the mind of the prospect concerning the expert…my friend, Chris.

Second, I would take a moment to edify the prospect back to Chris. If the builder was a production builder, meaning they were building maybe 100-300 homes per year, I would make a really big deal about how many homes they were cranking out. If they builder was a custom builder, maybe only building 4-10 homes a year, I would make a big deal about the fact that they were doing luxurious custom homes.

Building up the value of the home builder back to Chris accomplished two things: 1) It made the builder feel good to hear their work spoken well of, and 2) it gave Christ important information that he needed concerning the home builder. Win/win!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Now I have successfully paired a Prospect with the Expert, by simply Asking Questions and then Edifying Each Party to One Another. SCORE!

And THAT’S how you GET PAID, my friends!

Now, mind you…I went onto the show floor with ZERO training on the product, ZERO training on the industry, and ZERO experience in the environment! 

And I got paid! Every one of those builders that bought the software, or buys the software in the follow up sequence…I will have a residual income for the length of time they stay with the software (Note: Home Builder’s usually stay with a software for years and years! It’s expensive up front, and too much of a hassle to switch. $$$$$)


Many of you have the false belief that you need to know everything about your product in order to be successful. WRONG!!

You simply need to ask a couple of thoughtful qualifying questions to discern the need or desire of your prospect, and then connect that prospect to an expert (your upline). That’s It!

I hope that you guys will read this Free Content piece again! There’s enough value here to help you generate a significant residual income in any kind of sales, if you will simply apply these two steps.

I truly, truly want to see each and every one of you finding the success that you desire.

So whether you are selling cars, houses, an MLM product, affiliate tools, online courses, or anything else, you can create a work flow along this model, and you WILL make more sales! Guaranteed!

Hope that helps!