In the 1950’s Yale University conducted a study of a group of recent graduates.   It was inquired of each graduate as to whether he or she had set specific goals for their future ambitions, and whether each interviewee had written down their stated goals or not.


Of these recent Yale alumni, only 3% of them had written down the goals they claimed to desire to achieve.

After a few years had passed, the conductors of said study followed up with each Yalie they had interviewed in the process.  What they discovered was staggering!  Not only had the 3% who had written down their specific goals achieved nearly every one of the goals they set for themselves.  But get this: the Net Worth of the individuals who took time to write down their goals and revisit those written goals with consistency equalled 97% of the Net Worth of the ENTIRE GRADUATING CLASS OF YALE THAT YEAR!  WOW!

I’m Stretching for a Goal

Historically, I wasn’t a very good goal setter!  First of all, I didn’t always write them down. If I did, it was usually at a seminar of some kind.  And then, those goals were tucked away in a journal, which posed a Second reason I wasn’t attaining most of my goals: I wasn’t looking at those written goals every day.

With time, I learned the value of writing goals down, and keeping them where I could see them.  With more time, I began achieving some really sizable goals.

And here’s my next income goal:

My Income Goal

In my “War Room” I now have white board from ceiling to floor, 360 degrees around the room, except for the door.  This is where I strategize, outline content, draw out sales funnels, set my task lists for various projects, and Write Down My Goals so that they are always Where I Can See Them!

So what’s the significance of $2,739.73 a day in income?  That’s how much I choose to earn on a daily basis in order to achieve $1,000,000 a year in earnings.  It is not my ultimate goal…I have goals and ambitions much larger than $1,000,000 a year.  That’s just the next mile stone that I choose to conquer.

Notice the language: “Choose”.  I have learned that the power of higher mindset and positive language adjacent to my goals has wielded great power, and has made attaining my goals more certain.  I encourage you to implement the power of positive thinking and speaking into your goal setting, as well as into your daily life in general.

So rather than the language of, “I wish I could make $2,739 a day in income” … or “I hope I can…”  Replace those statements with, “I choose to earn $2,739.73 a day in income”.  (Of course that may not be your goal; simply fill in the blank with your goal of choice.)

What Goal Are You Stretching For?

What about You?  What are you willing to stretch for?  Is there a goal that’s been burning in your heart for a while?  Is there something that you desire to accomplish that has been elusive, and you just haven’t quite been able to grasp it?  Follow this Action List and watch what happens over the next 365 days:

  1. Write Down that Goal that You Choose to Accomplish
  2. Put a Date on It; the Date by Which You Choose to Accomplish the Goal
  3. Put that Written Goal in a Place Where You Can See It Every Single Day without Fail


Here’ Some Extra Help

Here’s a Free Audio Training & Blog that will help You on Your Journey Toward Your Goal, entitled the 4 Step Success Formula: CLICK HERE to Listen!  I know that it will Add Value to You as You Pursue Your Goals!

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