Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I got a note from Ed in Tennessee who said, “Nate, How do I get people to follow me?”

That’s a great questions. It’s a question that I had just a few years ago when I decided that I wanted to make a big splash in social media. And so I asked a colleague of mine who had done quite well with social media marketing how I could get people to follow me.

Here’s what he told me. He said, “Ya know, Nate…you’ve got to give them something to follow.”

At that time I wasn’t really a runner. I didn’t even like running. I was more or less just a treadmill runner to try to keep a little bit of weight off. And I decided I was going to turn my running into a big story. I decided that I was going to run a marathon, and get people to follow my running progress.

So here’s what I did…I gave them something to follow. And that’s the first thing that you need to do!

And the second thing I would say to you is this: People follow someone that they think can take them somewhere.

As I began to run and as I began to go longer and longer with my miles, other people began to ask me questions about running. People who wouldn’t ask an expert, but they would ask me where I was on my journey because they felt comfortable coming to me as new runners themselves, wanting information.

And the last thing I would say to you is this: Go get a brand new result or a new story immediately that you can share with other people!

Recap: I gave people something to follow, which was: “Hey, I’m going to run a marathon!”  As I began to run, people began to ask me questions, because they believed that I could take them along for the journey. And finally, I got my story: I crossed that finish line, and that was the result I could share with everybody.

So, I would suggest that you follow those steps right there, Ed in Tennessee, and you’ll be well on your way to garnering your following on social media!

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