Are you struggling to brand yourself in the endless ocean of online marketers and entrepreneurs?

I understand…the struggle is real!

With the crowded space, dodging all the social media algorithms, and part-timing it around work, kids, and all the other life commitments it can seem daunting. I completely understand!

Now, let me step back for just a moment and address those of you who stumbled on to my site not necessarily looking for information about how to brand yourself. You might be asking, “What exactly is Self Branding?” This blog post is going to help you better understand what Self Branding is, and what you most need to understand to create a great Self Brand.

3 Things You Need to Know About Self Branding

Number One: When I talk about Self Branding, I’m referring to the simple act of promoting and establishing what you stand for. Think of it this way: your brand is what people think about when they think about you.

Traditionally, we are used to thinking about brands in relationship to big companies like McDonalds, Coca Cola, or BMW. But you…yes YOU…can establish yourself as a brand too!

I always teach my students: First of all, we want to make sure that people are thinking about you. And Secondly, you want to control what people think about you when they think about you.

So, how do you get people to think about you, and how do you control what they think about when they think about you? That’s what points 2 and 3 are all about!

Number Two: Begin to add value to people who know you or who know about you on the topic of which you want to be seen as an expert.

If you want to start a cooking brand and be known as an expert chef, create a master menu…invite a few friends over, and cook for them. Capture some of the experience (especially their reactions) on photos and video to share on social media and to your email list. Start a blog to give cool cooking tips that have worked for you, or maybe even some stories of things that went completely wrong and tasted terrible. lol People love the honesty and the candid stories.

If you want to be known as an online coach for network marketers, take some friends or acquaintances that you know, and offer to teach them a short-term mastermind for free. Use Facebook Live or YouTube to offer free coaching nuggets to  those in your industry, or who may be looking to join a network marketing business but are looking for education before getting started.

They key…don’t forget…is the VALUE! The online branding waters are shark infested and bloody. People are not “just jumping online”…that shipped has sailed, and almost everyone IS online! Now, people that would have never dreamed that they would have an interest of marketing or branding themselves 2 years ago are diving into the deep end of the oceans, and consuming blog posts, podcasts, and video content en masse, attempting to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

The thing that will separate you from those masses…as well as getting people thinking about you…is to give your audience proven and relevant strategies that will solve problems in your marketplace and to your target market. In short, you valuable content needs to help them get results!

Number Three: Be consistent!

The death of most online marketers in any field is that they stop!

I had a former client confess to me this week that he just quit because he felt like not enough people were following him. He wasn’t getting enough viewers on his live videos, and not enough people were visiting his blog. And so he gave up!

What a shame, because as his coach, I got on several of his Facebook Lives so that I could critique him, and his content was quite good. The people who were engaging were commenting that they enjoyed his insights. His writing was eloquent, but not overly complex so the average reader could follow him. But he went from a little engagement to ZERO engagement because…he didn’t remain consist.

Believe me, I know it can be intimidating when you like…two people listening to what you have to say. But for goodness sakes, don’t quit!! Instead, educate yourself on how to get more viewers. Find ways to create scenarios where the few who are following you spread your value by word of mouth.

I learned the hard way in the past: once you’ve gained a follower, that follower LIKES the value that you are bringing to the table. So you’d better KEEP adding value to that follower, or else they will go somewhere else to get fed what they were eating from your hand. And it’s really hard to get those followers back once they’ve latched on to another voice.

Final Thoughts

Now, we’ve got to get people thinking about you! So it’s time for YOU to start teaching your audience everything you know about the subject you are passionate about. You may say, “But Nate, I only know so much! What happens when I run out of things to teach?”

Here’s my answer: keep learning. Stay one step ahead of your audience. Invest in yourself by buying books, online courses, and attending workshops and seminars. The more you learn, the more information you will have to teach your followers.

Your brand is what people think when they think about you. And now you know what to do to get them thinking about you, and how to direct their thoughts when they think about you.

Hope that helps! If you got value or have any questions, please drop me a comment below.