Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you 30 Tips on How to Attract Success Into Your Life.

This is Tip #23: Learn to See the Best in People.

Now, yesterday I encouraged you to be willing to learn from anyone; to be open to that.

Well that’s not even possible if you don’t learn how to see the best in people!

We live in a world where there are a lot of judgments being thrown around. And as long as you judge a person, or a certain type of person, you’re never going to be able to learn much from them nor are you going to be able to add much value to them.

Have you ever been around someone who you could just tell that they were really open to receiving from you what it was that you had to offer in the conversation? And you were just really drawn in by that person? You see, it feels good to be around someone that just really feels that sense of connectivity to us; where they feel like we are open to learning from them, and we’re also willing to see the best in them.

Now, that’s a great attribute to have if you want to attract people and you want to have greater success and influence.

So that’s my tip for today: Learn to see the best in others.

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