Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you 30 Tips on How to Attract Success into Your Life.

And today we’re on Tip #24: Embrace Abundance as a Way of Life

Currently I’m in a mastermind group with my mentor, Mr Ray Higdon. And Ray teaches us all the time to embrace abundance, rather than a scarcity mentality.

Recently, my wife Robin & I were reading the Bible with our kids, and we were reading a story about King Solomon where there was a particular deal going down. And the Bible took the time to point out that in this particular economic transaction, that silver was not included because in the days of Solomon there was such an abundance of silver that it didn’t have very much value at that time.

I found this story very interesting. It took my mind down a journey of economics and how the market may be going one way, and then there’s a market correction and it comes back around.

Here we are 1000s of year later (after the time of Solomon), and gold and silver are still playing a part in the wealth of the world today. And here’s what that says to me: There has been enough gold and silver for 1000s of years to create wealth and a sense of riches for thousands and thousands of people throughout the years, and yet their are still people who have a scarcity mindset. Like, “There’s not enough money to help me be successful.” Or, “There’s not a way for me to find success. There’s only there for people who are rich, or people who are wealthy, or people who are already successful.”

And that’s a scarcity mindset, isn’t it? A mindset that says, “There’s not enough.”

If you’re ever going to find real success in life, you’re going to have to life by the principal that says: Don’t embrace scarcity; but embrace abundance in all things.

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