Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you 30 Tips on How to Attract Success into Your Life!

Today’s Tip is #25, and it says this: Don’t focus on what you want; focus on what you need.

Now, most success “gurus” or people who are trying to tell you how to get rich…they teach you to focus on what you want. The new house, the new car, the bigger bank account.

That’s not what I want you to focus on. You can choose what you want to focus on, but that’s not what I would have you focus on.

I would coach you to focus on what it is that you need.

And what is it that you need in life? Well, 1st of all you need the basics. You want to make sure that you have a roof over your head, and that you’re able to feed yourself and your family, and take care of life’s needs.

I think the 2nd thing that we all have a God-given innate need for is a need to be purposeful. To know that we have some purpose.

We ask the questions…in fact, the great Greek philosophers asked the questions…Who am I? Why am I here?

We all want to know what we’re here; so we have this need to be purposeful. So focus on leading a life of purpose.

The 3rd thing is the need to contribute. We want to feel like we’re doing something to give back to our fellow man, and to make an impact on those around us.

So focus on that need to contribute, and what it is that you have to contribute.

And then lastly, we have the need to feel like we left the world a better place than we found it.

I like to use the word legacy! So, focus on that need to leave a legacy behind you, when you move from this life on into the next.

That’s Tip #25 from me to you! If you want to attract real success into your life, don’t focus on all that stuff they teach you to want. Focus on what it is that you really need to do with your life.

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