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I’ve been giving you 30 Tips on How to Attract Success Into Your Life. And can you believe it? Here we are at Tip #30!

And this is a great Tip. I think this one seals the deal on the entire series. I believe that if you embrace it and practice it, it’s really going to help bring success into your life.

Here’s Tip #30: Inspire Others.

There just no better way to inspire others than to pass on what it is that you have learned, and what you’ve gleaned over the course of your life.

Even the thing that you’re learning right now in your life, you should be teaching to someone else.

And what’s the best way to inspire people? Well, it’s through your story! The story that you’ve already lived, and the story that you’re living right now.

We’ve already talked in this series about how YOU get to write the story. You’re in the process of writing that story right now. And if you you’ll take the time to implement the 30 Tips that I’ve been giving you (How to Attract Success Into Your Life)…and maybe you can’t implement them all at once…but if you’ll begin implementing a little at a time, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen:

It’s going to change you. And as you change, your story is going to change. And you’re going to become that greater person…that more successful person…that other people are going to be inspired by. And they’re going to want to look up to you, and they’re going to want to learn from you. And your influence is going to spread, and you’re going to gain access into more lives. And you’re going to become a greater agent of change.

And so, Tip #30 on How to Attract Success Into Your Life: Inspire Others.

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