Over the next 30 Episodes, I’m going to give you guys 30 Tips to Attract Success Into Your Life!

Here’s Tip #1: Always Be Positive

I saw a young man walking through the mall a couple of weeks ago, and he had on one of those T-Shirts that said “Chick Magnet”. (lol) And of course, he was putting out the vibe that he was attracting the girls. And I kinda grinned like we all do when we see a T-Shirt like that.

But there’s something to that T-Shirt. Ya know, he was putting out a certain vibe. And isn’t that what we do when we choose to be positive!?

My family and I recently moved to my college town where I met my college sweetheart, my wife Robin. And we live just 3 houses down from campus.

I see a lot of college students walking back and forth in front of my house coming from their dorm headed to campus, with their heads hung down. And they are definitely NOT putting out the vibe! They’ve got their face down, and their countenance down, and they’re not putting out that positive, successful, happy vibe.

Now, it doesn’t make me lose all hope. I know there are some positive, happy, successful minded young people out there. Because there’s a completely different vibe between that young man I saw at the mall with his chick magnet T-Shirt on and the big smile on his face (you could tell that he was really proud about who he was, and he was excited about life), and these other students I see walking past my house who don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm.

Now, who would you rather be around? Would you rather be around the guy who’s excited about life, even thought he’s got a silly joke on his T-Shirt that you may or may not like, and yet there’s something vibrant about his character and personality?

Or would you rather be around those kids who aren’t really into life, and there just kinda bopping along?

You see, there are adults that are just like that aren’t there. And we are putting off a certain vibe…a certain feel. People can tell if we’re one of those positive, attractive people in the world, or if we’re one of those people that are just going through life one day at a time.

Which one are you going to be? If you’re going to attract success into your life, you’ve got to choose every day in everything that you say and do to be positive.

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