Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

We’re talking about 30 Tips to Help You Attract Success into Your Life. Today is Tip #2.

Tip #2 is this: Be Grateful for Everything.

Now, I’m sure that you’ve heard the old saying, “I used to complain that I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet.” And that gives us some perspective, doesn’t it?!

I’ve known people who walk in a spirit of Gratitude; it seems to come out in every part of their life. It just oozes out of them. You can tell that they are just grateful for the things that they have, and the life that they’ve lived. Even if they’ve been through tragedy, they have found ways to turn those tragedies into triumphs. And they live and walk in gratitude.

It’s exciting to be around people like that! It’s inspiring to be around them.

And then there are other people who seem to always complain about everything, it doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s hot outside, it’s too hot. If it’s cold outside it’s too cold. And they don’t seem to have a good word in their mouth for much of anything in life. They’re always complaining that they’re a day late and a dollar short.

And I don’t know about you…but those are the kind of people where I’m always checking my watch, and trying to get out of there about as quickly as I possibly can. Because it’s just not inspiring to be around them.

If you want to attract success into your life; if you want people to flock to you so that you can make the greatest impact possible; be one of the grateful people of the world. People will see it, they will recognize it, and they will want to be around it.

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