Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you 31 Top Leadership Traits, and today we’re on Leadership Trait #26.

Top leaders know how to praise others for their greatness.

Now, just in the last episode we talked about how great leaders are liked by many people. And sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in being liked by other people, isn’t it?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the feeling of the glory, taking on all the accolades of people telling you how great you are. But I’ll tell you what: truly great leaders don’t get stuck there. In fact, they move far beyond it very quickly, and they are willing to pass on the greatness to other people. The people that are on the team…the people that work for them…the people who support them…the people who brought great ideas and qualities to the table to accomplish the goal at hand. Now there’s a really great leader!

It’s also a great way to buy loyalty from the people that are following you. Several years ago I was leading a massive sales organization of over 20,000 sales distributors. Many times we would put these big cash bonuses on the table, so that if our team would accomplish big goals…we would pay out to them all this extra money. And ya know what? It hardly ever motivated anyone! But when we picked up that phone and gave them a call or recognized them in front of their piers, and we told them what a great job they did and how proud we were of them…that was the thing that really motivated people to do great things!

That let me know right there that people like to be told that they are great! So when someone does a great job for you, you need to let them know. And you need to let everyone else on the team know as well.

Truly great leaders know how to spot and recognize greatness in others!

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