Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you 31 Top Leadership Traits, and here’s Trait #27:

Top Leaders Know How to Receive Criticism.

Now, we’ve spent some time in the last couple of episodes talking about how leaders are likes and loved and respected and admired by so many people. But I’m gonna tell you what: truly great leaders…along their journey of becoming great…I promise you, they’ve dealt with a lot of critique and a lot of criticism.

Those leaders who are willing to receive critique and criticism are the ones that turn into champions! Those are the women and men that really rise above and go to the next level in life.

But the people who always make excuses when critiqued, and there’s “ands” and “ifs” and “buts”…and there’s all these reasons for why maybe they didn’t achieve things well, or why they didn’t reach goals…and when someone comes along to critique or criticize them, they start making the excuses… well, those boys and girls never really achieve the ranks of greatness that true women and men of great leadership skill eventually achieve.

So, if you want to be a great leader, when someone comes along and has a word of correction…you need to take it seriously. Sit back and reflect on it, and see if maybe it will help you to grow into the great leader that you desire to become.

Don’t be afraid to accept the criticism.

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