Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’ve been giving you guys 31 Top Leadership Traits.

And today I’m covering a trait that you may find unusual, but here is Leadership Trait #29: The Best Leaders Also Know When to Follow.

I was taught many years ago by a mentor of mine, Ms Dani Johnson… I really wanted to be a great leader and I wanted people to follow me, and probably at that point in my immaturity I had some ulterior motives. I was coming from a position of need, and I wanted to do some great things in the network marketing industry and I wanted to make a lot of money. And I knew I could only accomplish that goal if I could get a lot of people to follow me.

Now, I’ve matured a lot since then, and I understand the weight of leadership and the mantle of leadership. It requires so much more than that kind of thinking. And I remember that Dani said to me: “Nate, you will never be a great leader until you first become a great follower.”

You see, a really, truly great leader…oh, they know when to lead, and they have all the qualities that they’re going to need when it comes time to lead. But they also know when it’s time to follow! When it’s time to follow another person’s idea. When it’s time to follow another course of action. When it may be time to follow another leader that is more trained or adept or skilled in a certain area.

So if you want to be a great leader, my friends, you’re also going to have to master becoming a great follower!

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