Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 31 Top Leadership Traits!

This is one of my personal favorites…Trait #30…and that’s this: The Very Best Leaders Are Eternal Optimists.

Now it you know me very well, you know that I’m an eternal optimist. I don’t like it when people are showing me the glass half empty – I always like to see things from the perspective of the glass half full. I always see hope for the future!

No matter what’s gotten a great leader down or what challenges they have faced, or even what loses they may have recently suffered, Top Leaders always have a vision for the future that somehow just breeds hope and encouragement, a sense of purpose, and a sense of optimism.

And I’ll tell you what: that optimism is contagious! When you’re an optimist and you just believe that things are going to get better…no matter how bad they may have been or how bad they are right now…that optimism is contagious.

Have you ever experienced that? When maybe there’s a somber spirit in the room…or maybe people are a little on the sad side after a big loss of some sort – whether it’s a personal or professional loss – when someone in the room is willing to step up and to be the leader, and is willing to offer some bright hope for tomorrow…that is the thing that just shifts the mood in the room. And that is the mindset and the mentality that the people then want to follow! And the leadership in the room has now been established by the one who chose to be an optimist in the situation!

If you truly want to be a great leader and you want to have people to follow you, don’t be a glass half empty kind of girl or guy…you’ve got to be the eternal optimist.

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