Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’ve been giving you guys 31 Top Leadership Traits. Today is Trait #31 and we’ll be closing out this series.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed them. But more than that, I hope that they’ve inspired you to really dig deep and to become the best leader that you can: for your family, for you community, for your church, for your sales team…whatever capacity in which you find yourself as a leader.

Now, here’s Leadership Trait #31: The Best Leaders Know How to Take a Positive Action Regardless of Their Emotional State.

Sometimes I think that people can get trapped in this idea that for really great, successful leaders, nothing ever goes wrong. And nothing could be further from the truth!

In fact, people who are in great leadership capacity suffer all of the traditional failures, and hardships, and heart breaks that everyone does. Loss of family members, tragedies, car accidents, homes burning down. As of the filming of this episode, just last night my own uncle’s home burned all the way to the ground.

And it’s a tragic thing for things like that to happen. But really great leaders know how to step up in the face of a negative emotional feeling, and to press on, while making really great, wise, prudent, positive decisions.

John C Maxwell said this: “The most personally developed leaders are able to move past any life tragedy, no matter how great it is, within 24 hours.”

Does that mean that they don’t continue to feel the pain? It doesn’t mean that at all. It just means that they are able to deal with it, and then continue to move on living life another day.

So the very top leaders…the most mature, personally developed leaders…know how to maintain a positive course of action regardless of whatever emotions may have come their way.

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