Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 31 Top Leadership Traits, and today we’re on trait #7.

Truly Great Leaders are Fact Finders First.

Now, in the last episode I talked to you about being decisive. And yes, I do want you to be decisive! But I also told you that I don’t want you to be impulsive.

What’s the difference?

The difference is that a truly great leader is going to do their homework and do all of the fact finding that’s necessary to make a good decision.

And this is how your choice to be decisive doesn’t cause you to completely blow the decision out of the water. Because I know that some of you are worried, “Nate…if I become this decisive person who makes big decisions…what if I just totally blow it?”  – Here’s how you’re not going to totally blow it. You might make some mistakes; but by taking time to do your fact finding, listening to wise counsel, listening to the advice of your team, doing your market research, studying what else is happening in your field… – that’s how you’re going to make a pretty good, solid decision.

Even if it turns out that you have to make some adjustments later on, you’re at least going to be in the ball park!

Yes…you’ve got to be decisive! But truly great leaders are going to be decisive based on having done their homework first.

So, before you make those big decisions, be a fact finder first!

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