Welcome to 90 with Nate!

I’m giving you guys 31 Top Leadership Traits.

This episode is on Trait #8: The Top Leaders…I’m talking about the very best leaders in the world…have an open mind.

Now, we’ve talked about being decisive. We’ve also talked about being a fact finder. One of the things I mentioned in you being a fact finder, if you’re going to be a great leader, is to take time to listen to your team…the ideas of those people around you.

See, a truly great leader feels confident enough in herself or himself to listen to the advice of other people. You’ve got to be open minded to their views – how they think might be the best way to get the job done.

If you’re closed minded you’re not really being a leader, you’re just being a boss!

But if you truly want to be a great leader, be open minded to the ideas of those who are working around you. And I’ll tell you what that’s gonna do: it’s going to inspire them. Because they will see their leader as a woman or man that they can go to who will listen to their creativity…the ideas that they bring to the table for the project.

So: if you’re going to be a truly great leader of people, and really want them to follow you toward your destiny, then you’ve got to be open minded.

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