Success.  The ever elusive desire for the masses.

imgres-1Jim Rohn said, “Success is easy to achieve; unfortunately, so is failure.”  In my younger years I would’ve said that Jim had no idea what he was talking about.  The more mature I become in my thinking patterns, the more I see just how right Jim was.

My progression of thought concerning success evolved through the years something like this:  Success is for the lucky; Success is for the privileged; Success is for those who work hard; Success if for those who understand success; Success is for those who consistently apply the Laws of Success.

Now that’s some paradigm shift!  And I don’t know where you are in the process of your personal belief concerning success, but if you have not yet arrived as one who believes in consistent application of the Laws of Success…either you will soon, or chances are you’ll never find success.

On my journey from being broke, 240+ lbs, depressed and lost… to wealth, 154 lbs, happy and found… I’d say I learned a few things on the journey.  And I’d like to share with you what I’ve come to embrace as my personal 4 Step Proven Success Formula.  It’s worked for me.  I believe it will work for you too.


1) DECIDE:  Tony Robbins said: “You are now at a crossroads.  This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past!  Who are you now?  Who have you DECIDED you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been!  Who are you NOW?” Who have you decided to become?  Make this decision consciously.  Make it decision carefully; and make it powerfully.”

I’ve never achieved anything at all that I did not at some point DECIDE that I was going to do.  For years I said I wanted to lose weight.  But when I finally DECIDED to do it, I lost over 80 lbs.  I said I wanted to get out of debt.  But it wasn’t until I DECIDED that I hated that debt and was absolutely going to annihilate it come hell or high water, that I finally did whatever it took to become debt free.  Once I began losing the weight I tossed around the idea of running a race, but it wasn’t until I DECIDED that I was actually going to do it that I finally ran a Half Marathon…a Marathon…a 50 K (31.5 Miles) and a 50 Miler!

Those dreams you’ve had…those unfulfilled desires will remain but wishes, until you Decide.


2) ACTION:  And how will you know if you’ve truly decided?  I mean really determined to do a thing?  What will be the proof in the proverbial pudding, so to speak?  The old adage answers that question: “Actions speak louder than words.”  You’ll know your serious…and so will everyone around you…when you take significant, consistent action.

Once you take a definitive Action in the direction of the thing you’ve decided to do, you will become Energized and Empowered! Your mental and emotional state will shift.  Your self motivation will have greater propensity toward consistent action due to the endorphin release.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself also making significant strides in other areas of your life.  Many who have chosen to take action in a significant direction have attested that they find themselves either holistically motivated, or at least motivated multi-directionally.

For example: Someone chooses to write a book, and carves out time to write the introduction.  Suddenly their time management becomes more efficient as well.  Or someone decides to take up jogging and begins to jog 3 days a week.  Suddenly they make better dietary choices, and give up soda for water.

You see, nothing becomes dynamic until it first becomes specific.  Thank goodness the converse is true as well: once you take specific, focused action toward your goal of choosing, magic happens!  Dynamics in your life shift.  And suddenly…you’re making progress.  If you want your journey to be DYNAMIC…be very SPECIFIC with the Action that you take!

3) INVENTORY: After a period of time of taking dynamic, specific Action…you’ll need to take an “Inventory Time Out”.  This could be as simple as a Think Tank session in your home office, or it could be as serious as a mini-vacation centered around reflection time.

It doesn’t matter how short or long this time of taking inventory last.  What’s important is that: 1) The length of time is purposeful to the task of sincere reflection  2) The amount of time is congruent with the real need to spend time taking inventory. If you don’t need much time to think through the dynamics of your situation, don’t waste the money or time on a get away if all you really need is half a day with a white board.

During this appointment with yourself, write down all the actions you have taken thus far on the thing that you’ve decided to do. Sort the list into these categories: 1) Things that didn’t work. 2) Things that worked a little. 3) Things that worked a lot.  Once you’ve discerned what really worked for, do MORE of THAT!  Why?  BECAUSE IT WORKED!

4) ADJUSTMENT: AFTER you’ve sorted that list and determined which Actions worked the best to move you toward the thing you’ve Decided to do, make another list.  This list is going to be a new idea lest.  New actions you can test market to see if they may help you advance toward your goal.  You don’t want to over commit to these new ideas, but you do want to implement them purposefully…enough that you’ll be able to take solid Inventory on whether they worked well for you or not, next time you move through the 4 steps.

In this Adjustment period, you’ll also eliminate the ideas that didn’t work at all, and you’ll want to consider whether to minimize the Actions that yielded little fruit, or do away with them all together.  Additionally, you’ll want to increase your commitment to the Actions that worked the best.  And then add some ideas from the new list into the mix.

REPEAT:  And then you simply Repeat the 4 Steps.

Success is about trial and error; test marketing to see which ideas will work best for you.  What I’ve given you here in this teaching is a Paradigm…a Formula, if you will.  And this Success Formula, has helped me and many others to carve out paths to big wins, again and again and again.  I believe it will work for you to!

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