Are YOU a Dreamer?  How about a Dream Chaser?

I’ve been told that I’m a “dreamer” my whole life.  When I was younger, sometimes I started to question myself, because some adults made that term sound like a knock.

It confused my self-identity for a while.  I wasn’t sure if being a dreamer was a good thing or a bad thing. Now that I’m older and wiser, I realize it all depends on which adult you talk to.

But for me, I’ve decided that it’s a good thing.  So I’ve decided to keep dreaming.  And chasing my dreams.

How bout you?  Ever struggle with that bit of identity crisis?

“To dream, or not to dream” is the question for so many adults that get bent into the mold of normalcy.  If you enjoy the mold, and have no dreams or aspirations…then this blog is definitely NOT for you.

But if you dare to dream…and dream big…then keep reading. (or CLICK HERE to jump straight to the FREE VIDEO)



As I was preparing for a Mastermind group last night, I had about a half an hour or so, and so I decided to have my “thinking time.”  My thinking time is invaluable to me; it’s a period of time where I just let my brain do whatever it wants to do.  Solve problems, remember things I forgot to write down, create ideas, or just roam free on the playground of my mind.

Last night in particular, I started to think about the fact that I’ve always been a dreamer.  I’ve always had pie-in-the-sky ambitions (according to some people).

A smile came to my face as I realized that I enjoyed the status: dreamer.  I took it as a compliment in my mind, choosing to dwell on the self-imposed-title.

As I thought about Dreams and Dreamers…I remembered You.  My fellow Dreamers and Dream Chasers.  And a hope arose inside of me!  A hope that you wouldn’t give in to mediocrity; that you wouldn’t stop dreaming; that you would keep chasing that dream of your heart until you catch it.

I hope you will.  I hope…


As you press forward in the direction of your dreams, there will be temptation to entertain old thoughts of fears and doubts.  Block them out!  How?  Keep your focus on your goal!  Remember what you are playing for!

Fear and doubt will paralyze you, leading to idle hands and rendering you ineffective.  Idle hands lead to an idle mind, rendering you hopeless.  Hopelessness can be a very deep, dark hole from which to rebound.  Let’s not even go there!

Where do these fears and doubts come from?  Usually they come from our worry that we won’t know what to do next.  We feel unprepared and under-skilled.  And a confused mind will ultimately say “no” to advancing.

But NOT YOU, my fellow Dreamers!  YOU must ALWAYS say YES, whether the direction is clear or not!  The path to our dream can sometimes feel foggy…but it doesn’t mean that the path doesn’t exist.

And that’s why you need to remember a few things…


One: The road to the dream does NOT consist of breaks, or excuses, or laziness.  Stop convincing yourself you need “breaks”!  If you spent as much hard work building your own dream as you did on your job, you’d be wealthy by now.  So get to it!

Two: Your conviction and belief in your dream is enough to cover up the mistakes you’re going to make; and your belief will make you more money than skill will any day of the week.  Skill can be learned.  A dream is born in the soul!

Three: Start thinking about what you’re thinking about! (yep, I said it exactly the way I meant to say it)  Most of you think about your dreams in passing, or on occasion.  You need to be more purposeful in thinking about your dreams.  Spending time “dreaming your dream” should be an every day, purposeful occurrence.

Four: You can’t defy the laws of nature. You will reap a harvest that is congruent with the seed you sow! You can’t work a little bit, and expect a great return. I don’t care what all the internet marketers say or advertise.  The ones that get rich are the ones who dreamed the dream, worked the hardest, and learned the most. Period. End of story.

Those are the Cliff Notes to the 4 Things Every Dreamer Should Remember.  But here’s a FREE VIDEO that goes a bit more in depth.  I hope you enjoy it!

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