Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Over the next 7 days I’m going to give you guys 7 Characteristics of a Great Leader.

These came from one of my favorite personal development writers and speakers of all time, Mr Jim Rohn himself. I just love the way he handles issues like these with integrity.

The first characteristic that Jim Rohn says a truly great leader will possess is this: They are Able to Show Strength While Still Being Polite.

It’s a polite strength.

A great leader knows the direction they are going. They have a path in mind, and then know the task that they want to execute. They’ve got it figured out!

And a lot of times a great leader has that attitude that says, “This is the direction I’m going. Just hop on board and follow me.”

But I’ve also seen some leaders hurt and wound a lot of people in that process. People on their sales team, or people who are employees of their business, or people in their home based business organization.

Jim says that if you’re truly a great leader you can exercise that leadership strength while still taking really good care of the human resources that you’ve surrounded yourself with.

So the first characteristic of a truly great leader is that they are able to be strong, yet polite.

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