Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

I’ve been giving you guys Jim Rohn’s 7 Characteristics of a Great Leader.

And this is Characteristic #7: A Truly Great Leader Knows How to Deal in Reality and Not in Delusions.

Several years ago I became part of a sales organization, and our President came to town. I lived in Atlanta at that time. And I remember that night…he got up on the stage to rally the crowd and to set a vision for our sales force. And he said… “I’ve got this great idea. We’re going to have a completely different marketing message and a different special every single day of the week, so that we can change it up and always have something new happening.”

Well, I walked out of that sales meeting that night and I spoke to a few of my colleagues, and I said: “I’m done. That is the last sales meeting I’ll ever come to, and I’m actually done representing this product. Because I can’t follow that guy…he’s delusional!”

He lived in a world of delusion. And he let his creative mind go to an unrealistic place that wasn’t healthy for anyone.

And just so you know, since then…he actually ran that company completely into the ground that was doing over $100,000,000 a year in sales. And now the sales and marketing arm of that particular company has been completely done away with, because obviously the leadership wasn’t in the right place.

That President was dealing in the delusional rather than dealing with reality.

Sometimes leadership can make really delusional decisions that can take the whole ship down.

But a truly great leader is going to deal in reality. They’re going to look at the task at hand…they’re going to look into the future…they’re going to make really good, wise, prudent, calculated choices to help get the company from point A to point B, with as few mishaps along the way as possible.

So if you’re going to be a great leader when you’re leading other people, remember to deal in reality…and as Jim Rohn says, not in the delusional.

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