There I was with my application in my hand.

I was nervous.  No.  I was petrified.

I didn’t have the money.  I was going to have to borrow it and work FAST to pay it back.

I wasn’t at the same level as the others.  I knew I’d be the low man on the totem pole.  I had just hit 6 Figure Pace, and these guys were leagues ahead of me.

As I held the application in my hand, I whispered a prayer: “Please let me get in, God.  Please!  I’m scared to even turn this in; but I know I need this.  This could change everything for me!”

What Is a Mastermind?






75 years ago in his book “Think and Grow Rich“, Napoleon Hill introduced the concept of the Mastermind to the world.  A concept that would revolutionize the personal development space for every would-be High Performer from that day forward.

So what exactly is a Mastermind?  A Mastermind is a group of people who meet together weekly or monthly (or some other consistent basis) to work their way through life’s challenges in a collaborative setting.  Usually these are people of business, though no necessarily so; people who desire to grow themselves, and are willing to learn through the collective whole of a like-minded group.

Ideas are exchanged, information is swapped, contacts and connections are shared, and when appropriate people within the group may align themselves in business together.


There are a number of worthy reasons to belong to a Mastermind.  Here are a few of them.

Exclusivity:  Typically you must apply to a Mastermind Group.  The Group Leader may even reach out to you for a personal invite.  Another member of the group may recommend you for membership.  If you ever have the honor of belonging to a Mastermind, consider yourself highly honored.  Honored to run in the circle of the other members; and honored to be coached by the leader. Bring your A Game of knowledge and experience with you.

Collaboration:  As you meet the other members of the Mastermind, begin to look immediately for mutually beneficial relationships.  You may meet the perfect person to work with on a project; or to partner with on a deal.  The idea that “together everyone achieves more” is alive and well in the Mastermind environment.

Advice: Many entrepreneurs find themselves in the “solopreneur” boat.  A Mastermind allows you an environment to bring your challenges and needs to a round table of other capable minds who can offer solutions to your challenges based on their experiences.  And of course, you are welcome to do the same for them.  Each of you has unique experiences and knowledge from which to draw from each other.

Network: Each of us represents a network of other people that extends beyond our own personal reach. Friends, family members, past and current associates, old fraternity/sorority mates from college, etc. comprise our networking reach.  Each member of the Mastermind stands in proxy for an entire, sometimes quite valuable network.  Not to mention that now these other Master-minders should be permanently embedded into your contact manager.  That’s a lot of resources when you start to think about it.

Learn: Due to the variety of knowledge and past experience, each member of the Mastermind will have something to teach everyone else in the group! Yes, even you!  Go into a Mastermind with great desire to learn something, because certainly the knowledge and wisdom will be flowing.

Cross Promote: You will land solid contacts with capable people in a Mastermind.  Now you will be able to promote them to your network when you know someone who needs the service that someone in your Mastermind provides.  Likewise, they will be promoting you to their network of contacts when they discover someone who could use your services.  Mutual promotion is very powerful, and represents an abundance mindset.

Growth: You will be stretched in a Mastermind, by both the others in the group, and significantly so by the group leader who sets the pace of the pack.  Any ample time spent among any group of people is going to impact and change you.  When you place yourself in a growth environment, it is almost certain that your personal development will advance.


With anxious tears in my eyes, I submitted my Mastermind Application at the back table of the event that I was attending.

I immediately stepped outside to a quiet place, and placed a few phone calls, hoping to find a source to borrow the money that I had just potentially spent.  I was going on pure unadulterated faith here!

One more quick prayer…a deep breath…and I stepped back inside the event.  All I could do now was wait on the phone call to see whether I would be accepted or rejected.  Time would tell.


I was accepted into that first Mastermind.  The $1,500 I had to borrow then now seems small to some other Masterminds in which I’ve participated.  I’ve spent $4,000…$7,800….even as much as $20,000 to participate in Mastermind Groups.  And I expect to pay even more in the future as I continue to grow and advance.

Why?  Why would I pay so much?

Every Mastermind with which I have participated has grown me.  Some a little; others a lot.  Some right away; others, the knowledge came into play down the road.

But everyone of them has positioned me to be greater than I was before, and to earn more than I had prior to my participation.

Masterminds are now a way of life for me.  I believe in the idea, and the process.  I believe in the power of being surrounded by highly capable people.  I believe in the role of the coach/leader who presses each member of the Mastermind forward, further than we would have pressed ourselves.

I’ve gone on to earn millions of dollars, created a multi-faceted empire of businesses and real estate and other holdings, and built a tremendous collaborative network of great women and men into the 1,000s.

My network continues to grow…I continue to grow…my net worth continues to grow.

And if YOU desire to grow your connectedness, yourself, and your empire, I would highly recommend a Mastermind.  Try one and see if you enjoy it!  You only stand something to gain.

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