Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Over the next 8 Days I’m going to give you guys 8 things that the most successful people don’t do.

Today is Tip #1: The Most Successful People Do Not Get Sucked Into the Suck Zone of Social Media.

I think you guys know exactly what I’m talking about! How often do we sit down with our smart phone, or we get on our iPad, or we get on the laptop…and we’re “just gonna check Facebook”…right?! lol

And the next thing you know, a half an hour has passed and we’ve lost all of that time.

Now, I find it very interesting: the #1 objection I get from people who want to build a Plan B side income so that they can be set free financially…the #1 excuse that I get form them is: “I Don’t Have Enough Time”

My question is: How much time are you giving away to Facebook, and Snapchat, and Instagram, and watching You Tube videos, and the like?

So, here’s what I do to keep myself from getting sucked into the suck zone vortex where all the sudden a half hour or an hour has disappeared: I have a schedule each day of when I’m going to check social media. And when I get on, I have a pre-set limited time of how much time I’m going to spend; and I know exactly what my purpose is for going on to that particular social media channel.

It could be to interact with other people’s posts for 5 minutes. It could be to post a piece of content. It might be to log on and to just go “like” 5 posts. But I have an idea of what I’m going to do, I go in, I execute it, and then I’m done…I step away…and I get back to what I was doing.

So, if you want to be like the most successful people in the world, be careful our there! Don’t get sucked into the Social Media vortex!

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