Welcome back to 90 with nate!

Our questions today comes from Tori in St Louis, Missouri.

Tori asks, “Nate, do you have a script for situational prospecting, like in a coffee shop?”

This is a question I get all the time, because America loves to hang out in coffee shops these days! lol And network marketers love to hand out in coffee shops as well, because they know there’s going to be a constant influx of brand new people.

So, here’s my encouragement, Tori, to you on prospecting situationally…to everyone who is prospecting situationally…whether it’s a coffee shop, a restaurant, the post office, or anywhere else:

First of all, get into conversation exchange with people everywhere you go. And let it be normal conversation. Don’t push the envelope on your business, or readily pounce on them with your network marketing business. Right?! Just be normal and at peace in a regular conversation exchange.

Eventually it’s going to come up… “Hey, what do you do around here?” You’re going to ask them, and eventually the conversation will come back around and they are going to ask you the same thing. That’s going to give you the opportunity to say, “I work with XYZ company. Currently we are marketing XYZ product. Have you heard of us?”

Whether they say “yes” or “no”, you can ask this question: “Who do you know who ______?” …and fill in the blank.

“Who do you know who needs to lose some weight?”

“Who do you know who needs to make some extra income?”

And that’s going to get the wheels of their mind turning.

Then you can say this: “Let’s exchange contact info so I can pass some information in front of your eyes. I’ve got to go right now, but let’s exchange contact info so I can call you later. I promise that I’ll call you with that information!”

I like that line: “I’m in a hurry right now, but let’s exchange info. I promise that I’ll get that information for you.”

And what that says is this: You don’t need the prospect. You are actually doing them a favor.

A lot of times we chase prospects and we don’t realize it. You want to make it seem like you’re cool as a cucumber, and you’re doing the prospect a favor by promising to get them that information! …but at a later time, because you are in a hurry right now.

So…Tori in St Louis: try that one out and shoot me another email and let me know how that works for you.

Hope that helps you guys!

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