As I travel around the country I meet people all the time who are somewhat satisfied with their careers. Maybe even satisfied with their lives.

But somehow they just feel that there’s more. That they’re capable of more. Or maybe even destined for more.

I was sitting just the other night with an old friend I hadn’t seen in 20 years. And she’s got a pretty good life; she’s very successful with what it is that she’s doing occupationally right now.

But I used the word in the conversation with her “underachiever”.  And when I said that word, she said it shot through her like electricity!

It wasn’t that her life was bad. In fact, her life was pretty good. She was just at a place where she wanted to go beyond good, and maybe have things a little bit better.

Several years ago my wife and I had worked really hard to get our lives out of a bad place and into a good place, but we decided we wanted to go beyond good.

We wanted to go for something better as well! And we sat down and carved out a life of our choosing… that would look the way we wanted it to look, and function the way we wanted it to function.

It meant leaving some things behind!

I want to encourage you: If you’re at that place where things are pretty good but you know you’re destined for more… it might be time to give up good and go for best!

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