As I’ve spoken around the country I’ve had so many people come up to me and say, “Nate: I was I could do the things that you do” or “I wish I could be good at the things that you’re good at.”

And I know truly how they feel, because so many years of my life I felt the same way about other people that I saw doing great things. And the thing that was holding me back from my destiny…in large part…was fear.

So many people are captivated by fear; they don’t know how to take courage.

And maybe that’s you. I’m going to tell you today how to be courageous!


Number one… You’re going to have to be willing to see your greatness!

We live in times where we’re almost teaching false humility. I witness a lot of people who seem guilty to announce that they feel like they’re good at something.

It’s ok for you to know that you’re good at something! You can accept your greatness without pride…without an improper ego…and both see and know the thing that you’re actually good at!


The second thing that you’ve gotta do is that at some point  you’ve got to step up and you’ve got to take an absolutely definitive action!


And how do you become fearless?

You only become fearless one way: and that is by going to battle with fear itself.


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