Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Mike in Raleigh, North Carolina wants to know, “How do I deal with team members who don’t work their business very much?”

Great questions Mike. I think we’ve all dealt with team members who maybe aren’t as inspired as we are to work their business. And I think you need to really listen to what I just said.

They are not as inspired as you are right now to work their business. If they were inspired, they would be working that business. But something else has their attention right now.

So here’s what I would do with my team…

First of all, here’s what not to do: don’t call them up and brow-beat them! Don’t call them up and make them feel badly that they are not working their business. A sure fire way to get people to quit your team forever is to make them feel bad that they are not as engaged as you are.

So, I don’t think that that ever works, and it’s not very honoring of the people on our teams either.

Here’s what I like to do: at the beginning of every month I would make a round of courtesy calls of the people who are still active on their autoship or who are still sniffing around the team a little bit…but they weren’t really engaged. And I would make a very friendly phone call. Say: “Hey Joe! How’s it going? I just wanted to touch base and catch up. I know that last month wasn’t really the right timing for you to work your business, but I wanted to give you that courtesy call here at the beginning of the month to see if this might be a month that you’d like to get back in the game. If the timing is not right, no worries. I’ll call you at the beginning of next month as well. We’re here for ya, buddy. It’s great to have you on the team!”

You see what that does? That honors your team member. It lets them know that you’re always here for them. Even if the timing is not right for them now, that you will be here for them in the future. That they can always count on you when the season of time comes that is right for them to re-engage.

And if you honor these people in that way, you’re going to keep them around a lot longer. And when the timing is right they will engage, and it just might be a month where you could use some extra volume.

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