FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful

Ok: so another great one liner filled with wisdom that needs some unpacking. So I’m going to share some thoughts.

There are at least 2 great sayings about eggs in baskets.

1) Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

2) Put all your eggs in one basket, and WATCH THAT BASKET!


Eggs and Baskets

Both. And depending on context or life situation, you must choose carefully which wisdom to apply.

My personal empire is currently diversified. I make money from a wide variety of sources. But it was not always so, nor should it have been. I had to take a season of time to F.O.C.U.S.

When I was highly focused, there were many a “philosopher” of success who came along and told me to diversify. They encouraged me toward multiple streams of income.

Had I headed their advice in that season of time, I would neither have thrived in the ONE THING upon which I was FOCUSed, NOR learned the auxiliary and adjacent skills that came with the territory.

*Note: none of those who were telling me to diversify achieved great success at that time.

FOCUSing brought not only economic success, but with financial reward a slew of other successes that were quite important: *Mindset *Personal Growth *People Skills *Tech Skills *Greater Resourcefulness

FOCUSing and Working Hard for a season of time earned me the right to later diversify. Why? Because only then had I acquired the Time, Financial Resources, and Ancillary Skills to afford me the privilege (perhaps the right?) and wherewithal to explore various other revenue models, and means to add significant value back into the world around me.

To be clear: for a season of time I put all my eggs in one basket and watched that basket! I worked, achieved, earned, grew and stores resources.

Then, having achieved some certain level of success, I chose the path of the counter-wisdom, and no longer have all my eggs in one basket.

Does everyone have to do it the way that I did? I’m inclined to say “no”. It’s not that they “must” do it this way; it’s not that YOU must do it my way.

However, my research has shown that more success stories unfold in the manner I have described here, than via the alternatives.

The greatest success stories come from women and men who initially FOCUSed on One Thing until they achieved great success and even notoriety for that thing. They Followed One Course Until Successful!

And THEN….having achieved great success…they branched out toward other greatnesses.

So what’s the message to you, my friend? Find your thing! Find your one thing that you can enjoy and at which you are good, and become the very best at that thing you can.

Do not make the mistake of looking at the Already-Successful-Diversified of the world and attempt to duplicate their “Now”. Rather, look to their past…the One Basket season of their Life….and duplicate their “Then”.

Duplicate their poise and steadfastness. Their grit and determination. Discover their tenacity and never-say-die spirit. Focus as they focused and work as they worked!

Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket!

And then…with time…if you remain faithful and diligent to the task at hand…you will one day be able to remove some of those eggs, and with confidence and care place them in an array of baskets where they can flourish into unforeseen harvests.

But it all starts with… focus.




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