Today we start talking about the fourth Cornerstone: Excel

We’ve worked our way through Liberate, Inspire, Flourish, and now we’re here at Excel.

And what I’d like to do over the next week or so is to teach you how to Excel in the direction of your dreams.

Now this was tough for me… For a long time I had big aspirations and goals and things that I wanted to do that just felt like they were elusive. Like I could never get to where it was I wanted to go.

I would chase things like monetary goals or “Rank” goals in a company; and I came to a realization…and I’m very thankful that I did…that I was chasing goals that weren’t congruent with my value system.

What do I mean by “Value System?” Your Value System is what it is that really matters to you!

And so this fourth Cornerstone…learning to Excel in the direction of your Goals and Dreams…is really only going to optimized when it sets firmly atop of your Value System.

What I want you to do tonight (this is your homework) I want you to revisit the things in life that you value most; because you’re not going to be able to optimize this Cornerstone “Excel”, until you know what it is that really matters to you in life.

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