Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

We’re talking about the fourth Life Cornerstone: Excel – teaching you to excel toward your Goals and Dreams and Ambitions.

So over the last couple of days we’ve talked about your Values; and we’ve talked about setting Goals that are in conjunction with those Values.

Today I want to talk to you about Daily habits. Yes! That nasty term: “Daily Habits”

I confess to you…I know that Daily Habits can absolutely be boring, and no fun at all. Especially for a guy like me who’s a little bit of a squirrel chaser…mildly A.D.D…. It’s very easy for me to get off course with my Daily Habits.

Why? Because most of the time Daily Habits aren’t fun. I’m going to tell you today how to make your Daily Habits fun! Or at least inspiring to you.

You see… If you have Goals that you’re chasing that are founded firmly atop your value system…now you have Goals that are really important to you…things that really matter, that you want to go after!

Now you can set your Daily Habits so that each day you are working toward that Goal (that really matters to you), and when you know that your have Daily Habits in place that are inching you step by step forward in the deliberate direction of that Goal that’s fixed on something you truly love and Value, then those Daily Habits will be exciting and invigorating for you every single day.

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