Welcome back, you guys! We are right in the middle of the fourth Cornerstone: Excel …where I’m teaching you how to excel in the direction of your goals and dreams.

So over the next 4 days as we finish up this Cornerstone, I’m gonna let you in to my personal paradigm that I’ve created… my personal 4 Step Success System that I promise you, it works every single time. And I’m going to give you each step…step by step…over the next 4 days.

Step 1 is this: You have to Decide!

Until you decide and draw the line in the sand, you have no idea the direction it is that you’re really going. And the truth is, if you haven’t made that firm decision, you’re just going to flounder around, and you’re gonna move in the direction of a goal, but then you’re gonna stop short.

So you have to decide who it is that your are, and what it is that you are all about in this life. And then you’ve got to decide the direction that you’re going to go to accomplish whatever your goal is. And draw the line in the sand…burn the proverbial ship so to speak…and say: “You know what? There’s no going back! I’m going to accomplish this goal come hell or high water.”

And you know how you can tell if you’ve really decided to do something or not? You can always tell by the end result: if you really accomplish the goal or not.

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