Welcome back! We’re still talking about the fourth Cornerstone: Excel.

I’m sharing with you guys my personal 4 Step Success System that has helped me to Excel toward my goals, and I believe it’s going to help you as well.

Now, yesterday we said… you’ve gotta DECIDE! Draw that line in the sand and decide that you’re moving forward and that you’re going to advance!

The second step of that Success Plan is this: You’ve got to take action!

A plan on the shelf is worth absolutely nothing. You’ve got to begin to implement in the direction of the thing that it is that you’ve said you’ve decided to do!

Now, what are some of the things that keep us from taking action?

I have found that fear, doubt, lack of belief in ourselves, lack of confidence…these are among the things that make it easy to procrastinate, or to find busy work to do that keeps us from taking the actions that we need to take.

But I’ve also discovered that once you take action… (for instance) You say, “Hey! I’m going to start writing a blog!” You just start writing! You won’t even have time to focus on the fear or the self doubt, because you’re just in the groove…you’re doing the thing!

If you say, “Hey! I’m going to start a podcast!” All the sudden you don’t have time to focus on self doubt, because you’re just constructing that podcast, and doing the things that it takes to move forward.

So, whatever it is…you’ve got to take and action today, and every day from this day forward!

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