As a John C. Maxwell certified coach and trainer, I have immersed myself into his writings over the last year and a half (although I’ve been reading him for years).  John is the #1 foremost authority on leadership in the world today, having sold more than 30,000,000 books to date!

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I’m currently re-reading through his book, “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions,” and it has been revelatory for me each time through!

As leaders, often times we feel a self-imposed pressure to have all the answers.  And as such, perhaps not knowingly, we can appear to be “know-it-alls” to those who follow us.  Especially if you are in a situation where those who follow you are subject to you due to the corporate ladder, or some other hierarchical flow chart.

In an environment where your “followers” are mandatorily subject to you, you may get away with your “know-it-all” leadership model.  But in other leadership roles, the ones where people have a choice, you may not fare so well.  I have discovered that one quality of a really good leader is to ask the tough questions, and to allow those around to participate in coming up with the answers.

Currently, I’m asking myself some tough questions!  And I’m reaching out to a plethora of people and sources…as well as doing some significant soul searching in my thinking time…to discover the answers.

If you are planning to advance yourself as a leader, or desire to move up the leadership ranks in your company or organization, let me challenge you to join me on my saga of Asking Great Questions!

Enjoy this VLOG

In this video, I share with you a couple of strong questions I’m asking of myself, as well as offer you a few questions to ask of yourself.  Take 3 minutes to check it out! And if it adds value to you, please share it with someone you feel could benefit.  Be blessed!


Click this link to watch my Periscope on “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions”, where I cover some of the Life Transforming Questions I’ve asked on my Life’s Journey:


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