I Just Don't Have the Money


After you 21 Years Experience in the Network Marketing / Home Based Business Industry, I have heard it ALL!  lol

And the truth is, you probably have too!  Let’s be honest…you only need about 1 Month’s experience to hear just about every objection in the book.  And boy, are there some doosies!

I’ve even been the objection-giver at times!
And you probably have been too.

Why is that?  Because truly, timing is everything in our lives!
And this is also the case for the prospects you are talking to.
So don’t be too judgmental of these good people.

Having said that, I’ll say this: sometimes they DO need a “nudge”.
And by “nudge” I don’t mean that you should push them to do something they don’t want to do.

But with a proper handling of their objections you may be able to help some of them cross their fear-threshold, and a bunch of them are going to end up on your team.

Today, I’m going to help you handle the objection: “I really want to join, but I just don’t have the money.”


What I’m about to teach you will work no matter what kind of prospect you’re dealing with.

I’ve used this method with warm market: Friends, Family, Co-Workers, etc

I’ve used it with what I call lukewarm market: people you causally know from your life cycle: a waiter or waitress from a restaurant you frequent; someone who sells you service like your dry cleaning lady or pharmacist; the Starbucks barista that greats you with a smile at the drive through each morning.  (I actually recruited a barista!  Pretty cool, huh?)

I’ve used what I’m about to teach you even with cold market: this would be total strangers that you meet, or even leads from a lead list that you’ve purchased.  I actually closed 12 leads at the TOP PACKAGE in ONE DAY before.  And 3 of them told me they didn’t have the money!


First: I qualify the objection.  I want to know if they really ARE interested, and really DON’T have the money!  I like to ask: “Is it that you really are interested and don’t have the money? Or are you not really interested, and you just don’t want to tell me no?”

This question gives them a chance to get off the fence if they aren’t really interested, and now I can move on.  But if they ARE really interested, then I take them to the next step.

Second: I say something like this: “Listen, Bob… I’m willing to take a chance on you.  I’m going to give you a few homework steps. If at any point you miss a step, I’m going to have to severe our business relationship, and we will no longer have the privilege of working together.  You understand that’s fair, right?  Because I don’t want to waste your time OR my time!  Fair enough?

Third: If the prospect agrees to those terms, I move into the homework phase.  As long as they keep up, I know I’ve got a serious person on my hands, and that’s a good thing!


Step One: Make them give you a list of their goals, both short term and long term.  The short term goals gives them something to reach for right away, and you’ll know best how to help them.  The long term goals get them dreaming BIG!  And that’s what you want.  You want to tap into their “Why”!  What is it that they are really playing for?

Step Two: Make them give you a list of resources.  These are NAMES and PHONE NUMBERS!  Tell them something like this: “Bob, I need a list of names and phone numbers of people that you know well enough to pick up the phone and call.  No worries…we don’t expect to recruit or sell them anything.

These are people that we are going to practice on.  So let’s get that list to 100 names today!”  Now your prospect will not be overwhelmed if she/he only has a list of 10 names, calls them all, and they all say “no”.  Why?  Because there are still 90 names left on that list to “practice” on.

Step Three: Make the prospect align their calendar with yours.  You MUST set a home presentation up within the next 4-7 days.  If they try to push you off beyond that time frame, say, “I’m sorry but that doesn’t work for me. Let’s take a look at your calendar and see when you have some white space in the next 4-7 days.

If there is truly a set of circumstances that disallows a home presentation in the next 4-7 days tell the prospect to go ahead and do steps One & Two, and that you’ll be in touch one week from today; but for now, you must move on to other business.


I hope that helps!  It’s worked for me time and time again!  I know it will work for you too, once you’ve mastered the steps.

I’m including a FREE VIDEO here for you that’s really going to help you take your skill of handling this objection to the next level. Check it out!  I know it’s going to add value to your knowledge base and skill set!!  It’s from my “Scope Sessions” and I think you’ll dig it.



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