Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

David in North Carolina wants to know, “How do I brand myself instead of my company?”

Well the first thing I would say to you David is this: Stop making social media posts that are company specific. Because the longer you do that the more you’re branding your company, and then people are going to think of you only through the lens of that company brand and not through your own brand.

The second thing you need to do then is to replace that company specific content with your own content. So what do I mean: if you’ve been making 3-4 posts a day about your business model or your product, I’d rather you make 3 or 4 posts a day that have nothing to do with your company or your product; but rather content that’s original content of your own. Whether you have a really great write up on health and wellness…or you make a really cool meme that has an awesome picture that has to do with health and wellness (if you’re in a health and wellness business) that then leads your audience to your website…

Or let’s say that maybe you market a service based business- maybe you help people to lower their utility bills, for instance. I know a lot of people are marketing service based businesses these days that have to do with some public utility. You could write really great content on helping people to save money on their utility bills.

So that’s a great way to be branding yourself instead of your company: by simply making the shift from posting things that are company specific, to having original content that dances around the product or service or the model that you’re running for a home based business.

I hope that helps you David! And I hope that helps the rest of you guys. Because I’ll tell you what, the masses are moving in this direction of self branding and self marketing rather than branding their primary MLM.

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