How to Craft the Perfect Speech in 4 Easy Steps

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Wanna know how to craft the perfect speech in 4 Easy Steps?

Ok…I get it.  That sounds like an over-simplification.  But it’s really not!

If you are willing to give ample time to thinking through these 4 Steps, and solve for each one of them for your next speech…I believe that you just might give the best speech you’ve ever given up to this point.  In fact, these 4 Steps will help you get it right the FIRST Time, EVERY Time!

New Gen Speech

In the “good ole days”, writing a speech meant that the end result would be you standing on a stage, small or large, speaking directly into the faces of a live audience.   But we live in a day and age now where “content is king”, and said content is being cranked out at alarming, virtually un-consumable, rates.  (It would simply be impossible to read every blog, watch every video, and listen to every MP3 floating around in cyber-space!)

So THESE days, Speech Writing is something that millions of people do every day, for one format or another, to varying levels of success.

Whether you plan to blog, Periscope, shoot a video for YouTube, Podcast, or actually stand on a stage in front of a live audience…these 4 Easy Steps will help you to craft and deliver a much better speech than just shooting from the hip.

Step 1

Decide what your content is going to accomplish.  If YOU aren’t straight on your direction with your message, your audience is either going to be confused, or get whiplash-of-the-mind as you jerk their attention all over the place.  Before you write, ask yourself this question: “Am I aiming to drive home a message that’s important, OR am I aiming to give my viewers/listeners/readers a Step-be-Step “How to” lesson?”

Answer this question, and immediately you’ll find a sense of direction for your writing that will take your audience on the appropriate journey with you.  One that will be easily followed and understood.

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Step 2

Consider Your Audience.  I was listening to a Podcast yesterday (I considered linking it, but didn’t want to embarrass the host or the interviewee) that was supposed to be about entrepreneurship.  The guest decided to take the reigns of the interview and turned it into a weird talk about the metaphysical introspection.  It was just….weird is the only word that comes to mind.

As an entrepreneur, I look for sources that can feed my never ending demand for ideas, tools, inspiration and guidance.  When I go to a notable source for these things, and get a 30 minute push to “examine my other-self that’s out there in the universe”, it makes me simply not trust that source in the future to give me what I need as an entrepreneur.  The audience was entrepreneurs.  Not meta-physicists.

Another example:  my wife recently attended a Mom’s Talk with a lovely group of homeschooling moms who work hard every day educating their children, while still having to do all the household duties of traditional moms.  These women are happy to do what they do, but it also leaves them feeling exhausted and worn.  The guest speaker that night spent too much time talking about how her biggest challenge in moving to America from South Africa was not having a maid to do her bidding.

What??  Trust me when I say, she TOTALLY lost the audience!  So much so, that they word around the mom’s group is they aren’t really interested in attending another “Mom’s Talk”.  Why?  Because the previous experience did not meet their need or expectation.

So:  Don’t use farming examples when addressing computer programmers, or motherboard analogies when speaking to the FFA.  Got it?

Always, always, ALWAYS ask yourself, “Who’s in the audience?”

Step 3

Be Sure to Benefit the Audience.  Once you have determined your audience in view, ask yourself this question: “How will my audience benefit from what I’m going to share?”

Lower-level speakers/writers can often times go on rants that stem from soapbox issues, usually benefiting no one.  Your content should always seek to add value to those who will be reading, watching or listening.

For instance: the benefit YOU will receive from this blog post is this: You will now know how to craft the perfect speech in 4 Easy Steps.  My hope would be that every single time, from here on out, when you write content for any media, that you will have these 4 Steps posted somewhere nearby in your work space. Why?  Because I absolutely know that these steps will contribute to helping YOU become a better content creator!

If you are going to take the time to create content, create content that will leave the audience satisfied, knowing that they found value that can help them in some way.

Step 4

Have a Prepared Call to Action in Mind.  When I stumble upon a great piece of content, I want more!  It’s like taking a bite of a delicious chocolate something…I WANT MORE!  And immediately I look for where I can get more content from the same source.

I “opt-in” to the sales funnels almost every single day of content creators and information sources that I find of extreme value, for one reason and one reason only: I WANT MORE!

If you take the time to write a well prepared piece of content, truly consider your target audience, make sure that your content is adding great benefit and value to that audience, trust me when I say…they WILL want more!  So you need to have a Call to Action that will direct them to the place where You want them to go next.

Ask yourself this question: “What do I want my audience to do, and how will I get them to do it?”

Your call to action must be clear and concise.  It must have a single focus.  You don’t want multiple calls to action; just the one.

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Wrapping Up

I Trust that this Blog will have Lasting Value for You!  When I run across a training like this, I either write the steps on a post-it note, or somewhere on my white board, so I can refer back to them when relevant to do so.  I hope the next time YOU write a piece of content (and I hope you’ll do it often) you’ll refer back to How to Write the Perfect Speech in 4 Easy Steps.  Here’s to your success!

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