Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Jennifer in Florida says, “Nate, How Do I Deal with a “Challenging” Upline?”

Jennifer: you’re not the first to have to deal with a challenging upline! lol

Network marketing is such an interesting beast. It attracts so many different types of people, and then it puts us together in this “soup” where all the sudden we have to try to find a way to work together towards a common cause and a common goal of building our team. And a lot of times egos can flare!

When people are put into leadership positions and they don’t have leadership-level character, it can present challenges for the entire team.

So here’s the first thing that I want to tell you: I want you to always honor your upline, regardless of how challenging the relationship is. Never say anything bad about her or him to your team or to anybody else (cross line). Always make sure that you are honoring that person right where they are, in spite of their flaws, and their inhibitions.

And here’s the second thing that I would tell you: Why don’t YOU step up and YOU become the great leader? If you work on your own leadership skills and your leadership capacity, you will emerge as the go to girl…(or for you men out there, the go to guy…), and you’ll become that leader that people are drawn to! Now you can become everything you always wanted to see in a leader, for the people that you’re leading; and you’ll give them a better option than that upline leader that you said was “challenging”.

So…Jennifer in Florida- I hope that you have a better relationship with your upline leader. But if for some reason that never works out, you just be that amazing leader that you always wished that you had.

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