Welcome back to 90 with Nate!

Ryan in Modesto, California asks, “Nate, how do I attract leaders?”

The answer to that question is pretty simple in my view: Ryan…be a leader.

For all of you who want to attract leaders into your business, be a great leader.  And I’m going to tell you why: leaders attract other leaders.

Now what I’m about to say I don’t say to be rude or to be egotistical in any way. But it just is a point of fact: it is not likely that anyone other than a leader would be able to recruit me into any home based business.

Why is that? Because people who have operated at a high calibre want to work with other people who have also done really great things and who have functioned and operated at that really high level.

But I will tell you this, Ryan: as I have built my network marketing teams –and I have attracted some great leaders; I’ve been very blessed to have some great leaders join me on my journey– but I’ll tell you what I would rather do than attract leaders – I would rather grow leaders in my team!

There just something about putting your hands into somebody else’s life and raising their personal level of leadership, and helping to lift their life lid and to see them emerge as great leaders. When you go on that journey with someone you create incredible loyalty. It breeds a loyalty between you and those people that doesn’t exist with leaders that you just recruit from the outside and pull them in.

So if you want to attract leaders, be a great leader! But I believe that the better leader you become the less you’ll want to just attract leaders and you’ll want to grow leaders organically in your organization.

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